Founded in 2016, Andustria Embedded is a privately-owned engineering company located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania that specializes in firmware development, hardware design and prototyping using the latest and most advanced technologies. The focus of Andustria is low-power wireless communication and firmware development in the industrial and home automation areas.

Andustria has done research in the connected devices area, commonly known as the Internet of Things (IoT), by combining low-power wireless networks with the world of smartphones and the internet.

Each project that Andustria started followed the same pattern that proved itself the best solution for developing clean and documented code. Our highly specialized team is using these patterns for quick prototyping and algorithm development which significantly reduces the duration of each project.

Our knowledge base includes:

  • Design and prototyping Radio modems
  • The IEEE 802.15.4 family of wireless standards
  • Industrial wireless communication protocols (e.g. ISA100 Wireless)
  • Home automation wireless communication protocols (e.g. LoRAWAN)
  • Industrial wired communication protocols (e.g. Modbus)
  • Firmware development on Arm Cortex M-based RISC micro-controllers (STM32 family from STMicroelectronics, MSP432 family from Texas Instruments)
  • Firmware development on other RISC micro-controllers (ATxMega family from Atmel, MSP430 family from Texas Instruments)
  • Hardware development
  • Design and prototyping

We are always using electronic components from certified distributors (e.g. Farnell, DigiKey, Arrow).

We have a close relationship with Arrow and STMicroelectronics.